Update: 10/16/2012

About haltonexperts.ca;

haltonexperts.ca was created to help consumers get information on local businesses, that are owned by local residents and primarily do business in Halton

Our Mission;

To promote local experts in our own communities, provide the information to consumers about products and services available to them locally, by independent businesses.

Our Goals;

  • To be able to provide a more accurate and easier to understand advertising media.
  • To list local businesses that are the experts in their fields.
  • To showcase our community a local alternative to for individual needs with after sales support from reputable companies.
  • To grow a true community with in Halton with structure where we are proud to buy local and support local businesses and families.

What you get as a Consumer;

  • Guarantee that each and every business is the top of its class in both products, service and after-sales support.
  • Knowing you are supporting local business, family and product where the profits and money you spend will be re-invested locally, not nationally or overseas
  • The ability to build a relationship one-on-one with your local community businesses, for repeat guaranteed sanctification and the potential for greater discounts than some up front discounts programs that don’t have the long term benefits.
  • Peace of mind knowing that each company listed with HaltonExperts.ca has met a rigorous list of qualifications, including a long term history of doing what they do, professionalism of being a legitimate business, not a multi-chain or multi-national corporation where you are just a number, and that the businesses listed are fully insured and do business in accordance to regional and national laws.

What you get as a Business;

  • Lower Advertising costs.
  • Lower expenses in doing business with local residents, saving on travel to job sites, shipping and long distance after-sales support.
  • The ability to become part of a network of local merchants where we pride ourselves in doing business with local people, and looking after their needs before, during and after any sales.
  • Not having to worry about fly-by-night discount programs where you lose profit for short term customers that won’t come back unless there are up front incentives

Who we are;

HaltonExperts.ca was started by a local business owner in need of a better way to advertise.  Something more cost effective and to get to the right market, the local market.

Shortly after the idea was created, it blossomed into a larger brand of promoting other local businesses, after understanding the need for referrals. Having been asked repeatedly ‘who does this…’ & ‘where can I get that done…’ the founder quickly grew it into a much larger picture for the community to network to solve problems, knowing that the advise, products and services they seek will come from an Expert !

HaltonExperts has been working hard to list local independent businesses in Halton. We have many listed and are working each and every day to procure the best of the best to be a part of HaltonExperts for you.

If you are a business, or know a business that has been providing top level service, products or support for the local community and would like to become part of haltonexperts.ca please contact us at info@haltonexperts.ca and an expert specialist will be glad to meet with you to discuss more in-depth what we do, how we do it and the options of becoming a HaltonExpert !

If you found our site useful and think it’s something you are going to use again in the future please share with your friends and help us grow a stronger local shopping experience with a structure that is second to none !

We are excited about the ammount of support we have already gotten as a young company, look for us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/haltonexperts   twitter at @haltonexperts   and out and about, you will know a business by the stickers on their store fronts and service vehicles and we will be out in the community at special events promoting these business to you.

Warm Regards,